1.     Construction of  bio gas units

2.      Create self employment opportunities

3.      Modernization of drainage systems on the roads

4.      Renovation of rural bridges

5.      Establishment of drinking water projects

6.      Construction enviroment friendly gardens

7.      Renovation of rural bridges

8.      Creation of walking paths

9.      Rural electricity schemes (Extension)

10.    Improving of traditional industries

11.     Making of car parks

12.     Development of pre-schools / community halls / libraries / children parks that run by local authorities



1.      Improvement of common facilities in junior schools. Eg - playground, fulfilling of drinking water facilities, toilet facilities

2.      Improvement of library facilities


 1.     Improvement of health centers and development of maternity clinics.

2.     Conducting awreness clinics for non communicable diseases

Agriculture and Irrigation

 1.      Paddy cultivation – destroying of paddy fields due to mixing of sea water with the soil. Introducing of alternate crops for these fields or reconstruction  of canals.

2.      Irrigation – Minor Irrigation canals should be maintained annually.


Development of livelihoods

     1.     Conducting a livelihood in the Galle district, where there are various abilities and industries.


Efficient public services

 1. Condtruction of Nilasewana Centers for each Grama Niladhari Division

2. Set up an office oriented service at the Divisional Secretariat

3. It is being planned to use online technology to update the relevant information and data base of the division

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The Training Program Office Staff

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