Administrative Division

Goal Strengthening the organizational structure through satisfied staff
Main Functions
  1. Certifying  and counter signing of Grama Niladhari Certificates
  2. Activities relating to National Identity Cards
  3. The details of the reports to be obtained from GramaNiladharis
  4. Other duties in the establishment
  5. Maintain personal files of office GramaNiladharis
  6. Duties related to the leave, loan and railway license of officers
  7. Duties related daily mail of the office
  8. Duties related to maintaing office vehicle, running chart,electricity supply, telephone supply and water supplyof the office
  9. Maintaining of office equipment

Social Services Division

Goal Encourage participation of the disadvantaged and suffering social groups in social development, by providing relief and rehabilitation and creating a background to prevent them falls into such conditions.
Main Functions
    1. Providing public aids
    2. Making  payment for diseases
    3. Making payment for elders
    4. Payment of special public aids
    5. Recommendations related to giving equipment for disabled persons
    6. Providing donations to rehabilitate
    7. Special housing aids
    8. Providing casual subsidies
    9. Providing of  maintenance
    10. Providing shelter for elders
    11. Community base rehabilitation program
    12. Joining contributers for social security pension scheme
    13. peoples with disabilities
    14. Giving housing aid
    15. Giving aids for self-employment
    16. Giving aids for medical assistance
    17. Giving aids for education
    18. Focusing people with disabilities for vocational training programs
    19. Provide libelisood for  disable people
    20. Providing housing aids for damaged houses due to disasters
    21. Activities related to providing  Identity Cards for elders
    22. Conducting of rehabilitation programs for  single parents families
    23. Activities related to extensive disasters
    24. Making of recommendation reports to obtain funds from President's Fund
    25. Affairs related to Child Rights
    26. Providing counseling services
    27. Activities related to child protection
    28. Early childhood development activities
    29. Women development activities
    30. Conducting of development activities for senior citizens



Planning Division


Goal Strengthening the divisional sustainable development
Main Functions
    1. Implementation of the rural infrastructure development program
    2. Implementation of development projects under decentralized, provincial and other ministries
    3. Civil engineering activities
    4.  Development of school playgrounds
    5.  Introducing science and technology to rural people
    6. Duties related to activities of rural development societies
    7. Activities related to ethnic and religious coexistence
    8. Cultural  and literary activities
    9. Registration of NGOs
    10. Sports, youth clubs and youth affairs
    11. Conducting divisional coordinating committee and regional agricultural committee
    12. Housing development activities
    13. Activities related to temples and Dhamma schools
    14. Collecting and reporting statistics
    15. Coast conservation activities
    16. Career guidance and productive work
    17. Ayurvedic conservation activities
    18. Activities on traditional industries
    19. Enterprise development activities




Accounts Division

Goal Implement and maintain sound financial transaction system to achieve the overall objectives in Divisional Secretariat Four Gravets Galle
Main Functions
  1. Payments and receipts
  2. Prepare advance B accounts
  3. Issuing cheques
  4. Making of monthly account summary (central government and provincial councils)
  5. Various deposits payments
  6. Salary payments
  7. Making of bank reconciliations
  8. Making of budget estimates
  9. Making of appropriation account
  10. Activites related to record room
  11. Issuing of stationery


Registrar Division

Goal Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.
Main Functions
  1. Issuing certified copies of births, death and marriage certificates
  2. Registration of pasts births
  3. Alteration of information in birth,marrage and death certificates
  4. Registration of marriages at the office 


Pension Division


Goal Execute pension policies efficiently and productively in regionally to provide active contribution to uplift and to assure wellbeing, Future protection of officers who dedicated for public services, their spouses and dependents.
Main Functions
  1. Issuing of pension reports
  2. Making of pension payments after making amendments according to various circulars.
  3. Making ofamendments to  pension payments after ten year pension.
  4. Making and payment of widows' & orphans pension
  5. Conducting of basic investigations on (disable) orphans pension.
  6. Payment of the pension of the pensioners  after returning to the country from abroad.
  7. terminate pension payments on time.
  8. Issuing railway warrants to pensioners.


Land & Licenses Division


 Business Registration, issue Permits.

Main Functions
  1. Duties related to crown land
  2. Duties on land acquisitions
  3. Land use planning work
  4. Duties on registration of business names,liquor licenses and licensing of mortgage permits
  5. Timber felling, transport of timber, issuing of timber permits, duties related to passports, issuing animal licenses
  6. Issue of income certificates, issue of Income Valuation Certificates, duties related to vehicle transfers, and conducting of inspections on electricity supply.
  7. Duties of issuing animal licenses
  8. Issuing of licenses to transport granite and sand


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